Dawson Graham

Bar Beach Groove - Party Vocals
Coloured Lights - Vocal, writer
Drag Queen - Writer, Vocal, Resonator Guitar
Dust - Writer, Vocal, Ukulele
Feel The Beat - Backing vocal
It Ain't Right - Writer, Vocal, Resonator Guitar
Mama Told Me So           Backing Vocal
Nanny State Madness - Backing Vocal
Never Forget - Writer, Vocal, Acoustic Slide
Never Give Up - Writer, Vocal, Resonator Guitar
Paradiso - Ukulele, Vocal
Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Vocal and resonator guitar
The Ute Broke Down - Writer, Vocal, Resonator Guitar
Things Are Crazy - Writer, Vocal, Resonator Guitar
This Place - Ukulele
Tore Me Up - Writer, Vocals
Sugar - Resonator guitar  
You And The Blues - Resonator Guitar

I was brought up in a small country town in New Zealand, a small town where there was always music around.

 My father played sax and loved the blues. My mother played guitar and sang in church every Sunday. My family was absorbed in music and got involved with a lot of heart and soul. There was always jamming at home, and as kids we were encouraged by the grown-ups to have a go, and get the feel for music.

I started playing in a home town pub band which played soul and funk. 

I moved across the ditch in 1979. I didn't get back into music until the late 80's, playing sax in a Blues Rock band on the North Shore of Sydney, but that didn't really go anywhere. 

 In 2004 I got the urge to start playing again. I always had an interest in playing delta blues so a new journey began.

In 2005 I moved to the beautiful Bega valley. In 2007 I bought a Resonator guitar, joined the Southern Valley Folk Club, and started jamming with musicians of different styles. That was a great learning experience. 

In 2015 I met up with the PBGB Family and was warmly welcomed to The Shed. 

The Shed has a good feel about it.

So here I am, at a new beginning.  Peace.

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  1. So cool uncle Dawson
    Cant wait to hear your work