Sunday, 3 July 2016

Tony Green

Destiny - Bass
First Class Ticket - Writer, Vocal, Bass, Production
It Ain't Right - Bass
Things Are Crazy - Bass, Backing Vocal, Production
This Place - Bass, Keyboard and Production
You And The Blues - Writer, Bass, Production 

Tony tells us about his musical voyage...........

"Have played guitar since early teens and got into my first band at 18, playing lead guitar.

I had a car accident in 1969 and severed the tendons on my right hand. It was many years before I got decent use of my hand back.

So I switched to bass and found there was a shortage of singing bass players.

I love playing and have always been in cover and show bands apart from two seasons in a duo at The Sundeck in Perisher.

I have toured with or supported the Bee Gees, Everly Brothers, Johnny Farnham, Renee Geyer, Hush, Freddie and the Dreamers, and the Delltones.

I stopped playing regular gigs some years ago to concentrate on business but kept playing with friends in our “ garage” band with occasional gigs here and there. That was our version of the “men's shed”.

We moved to Tura last year, and I stumbled across PBGB. That has been a real sea-change.

Playing or recording original songs in my past musical adventures was always subject to put-downs. My head was full of everyone else’s songs.

Playing nothing but originals since coming to PBGB has really freed my brain up. I now have a number of original song lyrics and concepts fermenting.

I love the PBGB atmosphere and the people, and always look forward to my weekly Seshes.

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