Stacey Mills

Always A Way - Backing Vocals 
Don't Know WhyVocals
Route 66 - Vocals

Stacey was encouraged to sing by her now husband Ben Mills when they first met in their early 20’s. Marrying into a musical family gave Stacey the opportunity to sing in two predominantly Mills Family bands.

Anubis, the first band Stacey sang with,  had a bluesy, rock feel and together the group made some original music.

Sistrum, as the name implies, was made up of Mills girls. They played covers around the local area.

Stacey recorded backup vocals on Petrol Bomb’s ‘Death Ride to Hell’ album (one of Ben’s heavier musical pursuits).

Stacey also sings in the choir ‘Ruby Thursday’ who get together for a few gigs every Summer.

Stacey has more recently been introduced to the jazz scene as a special guest singing with the Steve Clark Trio. She describes the trio as awe inspiring.

Now feeling the warmth of the PBGB Family, Stacey plans on spending some time hanging in The Shed. So enjoy and stay tuned…

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