Louise Nadin

A Dream - Bass
First Class Ticket - Acoustic Guitar
Bureaucracy - Percussion
Coloured Lights - acoustic guitar
Drag Queen - acoustic guitar
Feel The Beat - percussion
Georgie - Acoustic guitar
Makes Me Wonder Why - acoustic guitar
Mister Fixit - Bass
Mother Of Eternity - Bass
Nanny State Madness - Acoustic guitar
Paradiso - Bass
Red Dress - Bass
Sugar - Percussion
Things Are Crazy - Acoustic Guitar
This Place - Writer, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Who Do We Blame? - Acoustic Guitar

I was born in Bombala in 1959.

From a young age I acquired a passion for music of all genres. I was strongly influenced by the music my parents and grandparents listened to. They played instruments for fun, and took me to old time musical gatherings.  I have fond memories of amateur school productions, dances etc.

In my teens I started to listen to LPs at parties. We knew all the words and would sing along to everything, but there wasn't much live entertainment around in country areas at that stage . Then I started watching live bands with friends. When we finally got our own wheels , we'd go to Bega, Merimbula, Cooma , and finally to the Big Smoke..........disco dancing and listening to DJs.  WooHoo !

I bought my first guitar when I was 19. A friend taught me a few chords. After I graduated as a Nurse I got
the travel bug so the guitar took a back seat. Then I settled down in Wolumla , raised a family , and saw some great entertainment at the old Merimbula RSL............bands from all over the world !

We do have some wonderfully talented musicians living right here in the Bega Valley, and they led me on my next musical journey .

I took classical guitar lessons with my fellow PBGB Family Member Dave Crowden for a couple of years while in my early 50's. Wow , what a great experience !! Inspired, I bought a beautiful semi electric Takamine .

I met the amazing Figmentz and their friends through Dave, and, at one of their gigs, heard about the incredible PBGB through meeting up with Penny & Pete. 

The rest is history. Somehow I got very lucky and was accepted into The Shed along with my harp playing husband Mick. Together we make music and have lots of fun with our special friends every week. I have bought myself a Maton semi electric acoustic steel string guitar which I used on my song 'This Place'. The song came together with a lot of help and support from my talented friends in and out of the PBGB Shed . A dream I never imagined would eventuate !!!

Forever Grateful.

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