Ken Vatcher

Always A Way - Percussion 
At Last - Drums
Bar Beach Groove - Drums
Big Car - No Shoes Percussion, co-producer
Boozer Blues  Drums
Built For Comfort  Drums
Busted - Backing Vocals, Congas
Don't Know Why - Drums
  - Drums
God Bless The Child - Drums
Goodnight - Drums
Hound Dog  Vocals
How Do Thousands? - Drums
I Am (NEW) - Percussion
Infidelity  Drums
Isolation - Drums
Kumeka – Drums
Momentum - Percussion
Never Give Up - Drums
Ritual - Drums
Route 66 - Drums
Safe Hands  Percussion
Sea Eagle Rock - Backing vocal, drums, handclaps, etc
Stormy Monday   Drums 
Sugar - Drums  
Whatever You Say – Drums

Ken Vatcher is, without any doubt,  the go to man if you are looking for a drummer or percussionist anywhere around Southern New South Wales or Northern Victoria. He is the pro!

Ken makes his living from music. He teaches at Bega’s Magpie Music and the South Coast Anglican College ( Bega again ) and provides lessons at his house in Pambula Beach. As a seasoned session drummer, Ken picks up gigs with a host of touring musicians and does lots of  studio work. Ken is also the beat man for what seems like at least half of the bands that regularly work around the  ( extended ) district.

Ken has worked with / works with too many people to mention here, but if you Google Ken Vatcher you will quickly come to appreciate just how in demand Ken is, and how many acts he provides percussion magic for.

Ken has been studying and practicing the art of drumming for fifty years, and has paid his dues many times over. He has been there and done that. 

When Ken and Susie moved from Mallacoota to Pambula Beach in mid 2010, we were quick to invite him down to The Shed for a beer ( well, in fact Ken prefers a Bourbon or a  brightly coloured cocktail ).  Ken was taken by the Shed’s inclusive open door philosophy, and has been a staunch supporter of Shed happenings ever since. Ken has in fact really helped us raise the bar in The Shed. He has inspired us, taught us, introduced us to some great musos, and played and sung on some of our very best  live and recorded offerings -  Listen to Ken’s beautiful stick work on Gus’ Infidelity on the PBGB Juke Box, and to Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me for a sample of his great vocals.

Other high points for Ken include working with

The Figmentz
The Steve Clark Trio                                       
The Stumblin’ Wilburys  
The Kade Brown Trio                                    
The O’Donnell Brothers
To name but a few.

One great thing about Ken is that he loves all musical styles ..... “there are only two styles of music – good music and bad music, and I love ALL good music”.

What more can we say than we are truly humbled to enjoy Ken’s great company in The Shed!

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