Jenny Halper

Big Bad Handsome Man Vocals 
Summertime  Vocals
I found out at the age of 12, that I could bounce my voice off skyscrapers in the CBD of Melbourne, Victoria - with great effect.  Loved the accoustics back then.  In 81' I joined my first band "Knot Deer" (weird name but a good 5 piece blues/rock band) and we managed to get work at various venues around Melbourne with a residency at the Tiger Lounge,Richmond on Sat nights being the highlight.  Monday nights you would find me at the Windsor Castle Hotel, Windsor for the regular Dutch Tilders Sessions- he'd choose his musicians for the night with a nod, while sipping a scotch and I'd always get to sing with him as he loved my rendition of Menstruation Blues.  What a hoot those monday nights were, with some of the country's best musicians to share the stage with.   
In 84' I joined "Syncro Smash" a bit of added synth and sax which saw heaps of work coming our way.  Woops,  got married and moved bush (Southern Tablelands, NSW), eventually starting SAS -another blues/rock/contemporary band, which entertained the south coast of NSW and the surrounding mountain region for 15 years.  This further extended my songwriting skills which culminated in the release of a CD in 2001, 'Critical Mass' a compilation of original work (they loved it in Austria!).  I've slotted in as support vocals on a few other albums in varying genres, helping out mates.   
I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some fantastic musicians, Phil Manning was pretty cool, and I am honoured to share the stage occasionally with some extremely talented local legends, here on the coast.  Presently I am working with some dear friends in 'Jeniva Convention' a cruisy 4 piece having the opportunity to sing, as opposed to belting out ACCADACCA and Led Zep which I love, but it's nice to hear yourself everynowandagain.    A Teacher's Aide in the Bega region, I've relocated to the south coast and am passionately enjoying supporting the local music scene.  Always on the lookout for any new talent, encouraging and inspiring their performance and stage skills.  I am the Entertainment Officer/Stage Manager in control of the musical entertainment for the local Bombala Bike Show, which is held annually in November at Bombala, booking as many local acts as possible.   And I'm still awaiting for the next PBGB session!   So 
Keep the Faith.   #Jenny

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