Gus Washbourne

Away - Guitar
Boozer Blues  Writer, Vocals, Guitar

Busted - Vocals, Guitar, Writer
City Man Blues Writer, and on Lead Vocals and Guitar
Hound Dog  Guitar
If Only - Guitar
Infidelity  Writer, Vocals, Guitar
Lifeline - Writer, Guitar, Vocals
Long Distance Lover  Writer, Vocals, Guitar
Nanny State Madness - Guitar
Rocking Pool - Guitar
Shy and Retiring - Slide Guitar
South Coast Dreamtime - Guitar
Summertime  Guitar
Technology  Writer, Vocals, Guitar
Tell Me Honey - Guitar
The Crystal Room  Guitar  
Wood You Like Chips With That? - Guitar

Gus has been a core member of PBGB since around 2008. Gus had played with a couple of local bands, and has for many years run his  ‘Don’t Fret’ guitar repair and fine tuning workshop in Pambula.

Gus has brought a unique perspective to The Shed. His song writing is straight from the heart / tell it like it is / adults only /warts and all, and often downright amusing. Have a listen to Boozer Blues, Technology and Infidelity (all on the PBGB Juke Box) to get the picture.

Listen also to Gus’ gravelly voice – the perfect sound for his lyrics and stories.

Over the years we have managed to tame Gus (a little). Now adept at playing at less than volume 11, Gus is concentrating on his favoured slide techniques.

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