Chris Ralfs

At Last - Bass
City Man Blues Keyboards and Backing Vocals 
Crystal Room  Bass
God Bless The Child - Bass
How Do Thousands? - Bass 
Include Me - Bass
Infidelity  Bass
Leavin' It All To The Dog - Bass, Production
Love and Laughter - Bass
Man In The Mirror  - Bass
Shy and Retiring Upright Bass
Something She Said - Bass

On the website of local (Merimbula) band Roxygen, Chris is described as a ‘grizzled bass warrior’, and frankly, that is a pretty good description.

Chris has played with loads of local bands over the years.  He has a startling armoury of basses, including at least two uprights, and loves to play a variety of styles, ranging from swinging jazz to hard rock – anything that allows Chris to improvise and create.

Apart from his work with Roxygen, Chris has played with Banjo and The Boys ( at the Wagga Jazz Festival ), and  Easy Street.  There are/have been many more!

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