Bill Brown

Kumeka – Video Producer
Whatever You Say – Video Producer

Bill works as a Multiplatform Producer for ABC South East Radio in Bega. Bill creates stories in multiple styles and formats for ABC Online, Radio, and TV. Bill has worked on and off for the ABC for nearly 30 years - as a producer/director with ABC TV last century, and this century as a freelance producer with ABC Radio National. He is now back on staff with the Multiplatform gig.

Part of Bill’s work for ABC Multiplatform has been to create the ABC South East Music site – delivering on the ABC charter to support the arts – and featuring the music scene here in paradise. Particularly satisfying to Bill has been having the opportunity to film and record young musicians who have gone from being virtually unknown to emerging as successful artists. Bill has worked to help Daniel Champagne, Heath Cullen, Lucie Thorne, Kim Churchill and Kade Brown. ( Kade is Bill’s son who has released two cds which feature PBGB Family Members Ken Vatcher and Pol O’Shea. See PBGB Blog Posting of 16 December 2011 for more details ).

Bill has also been able to offer those musos who regularly tour our region the benefit of ABC exposure, while also promoting their gigs to the regional audience.. .. People like  Jeff Lang, Lloyd Spiegel, Jim Conway’s Big Wheel, Harry Manx, Andy Irvine, Hat Fitz and Cara, Mikelanagelo and Phil Moriarty. And Bill films and records the regional music festivals including the Moruya Jazz festival, the Tathra Summer Music Festival, the Candelo Village Festival, the Cobargo Folk Festival... and this year will be partnering with ABC Classic FM to film and record the 2012 Four Winds festival . Part of the Four Winds Festival production is already online, the rest will go online later in 2012.

The rest of Bill’s work spans social documentary pieces through to filming,  writing, reporting, and photographing on the major issues of the day.

When Garry Carson Jones popped into The Shed in September 2102 to record two new songs with PBGB Family Members Ken Vatcher, Jem Savage and Dave Crowden, Bill was also on hand to shoot a video of each of the songs. You can view the vids by clicking on them on the right hand side of your screen.

Bill had a great day, and his videos are great.

We enjoyed Bill’s company so much we welcomed him to the PBGB Family on the spot.

Thanks so much for joining in the PBGB spirit Bill – we hope to see you back in The Shed soon !

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