Andy O'Donnell

Always A Way - Lead Vocals, Musical Director
Sea Eagle Rock - Backing vocal, acoustic guitar, handclaps, etc
St James Infirmary - Guitar

If you live anywhere near the Bega Valley, you will well know that Andy O’Donnell is one of the district’s favourite musical sons. Andy pulls a solid crowd around these here parts, and it is little wonder. His phenomenal voice, great guitar work, the unbelievable list of songs that he can perform on call, his network of musical friends, his smile, his attraction for people of all ages and musical tastes.....................need we go on ?

Andy is well known way beyond the Valley. Punch his name into Google and you will read about, hear, and see Andy perform in a galaxy of gigs and recordings....

Andy performs regularly as a solo act. He performs regularly in duos with the best musos around including our own Garry Carson Jones. He is front man for the mighty Figmentz which includes  PBGB Family Members Ken Vatcher, Dave Crowden and John Drews.

Andy plays with his brothers in the ‘Best Of Brothers Show’, and with Frankie J. Holden in the ‘Stumbling Wilburys’.

Fact is, if you stare at a stage anywhere around here for long enough, Andy will turn up soon enough.  

See Andy perform regularly at his and wife Lynne’s  groovy seaside bar ‘The Cheeky Mango’ 

We are blessed to have Andy as a friend and fellow PBGB Family member.

Thanks Andy ! We hope to see you in The Shed again soon.

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